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Computer system networks seriously are not able to do without the existence on the mup.sys file. On the other hand, faults In this particular vital file can stop a pc from booting correctly, or booting in any way.


Mup.sys is Utilized in the newer operating techniques within the Windows variety –Windows XP, Home windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista. The file aids during the functioning of a Component of the working method named a Several UNC Supplier (MUP). It is a component of a software method that helps networked computer systems communicate with one another to share information and peripheral components like printers and scanners.

UNC stands for Universal Naming Convention — this phrase refers to how a network of pcs using the identical working program converse via a language that is uniform to explain the places of means employed by the community, for instance shared data files and peripherals. This isn't really as complex mainly because it Appears. For all of us lay people today, it means that the locations of the sources stored on a computer are described using particular particular conditions.

For example, when finding out the number of data files in the hard disk and click over a folder, The placement in the folder with your disk drive is outlined in an tackle bar. In the event you click a folder or file, The situation with the file could possibly display up in the form of one thing like C:foldernamefilename. This framework is employed For each file and folder on a computer, along with peripheral sources which include scanners and printers.

Would this reveal some thing regarding how the Numerous UNC Service provider system will work? Any time a system on a networked computer tries to accessibility a shared source, that Laptop has to utilize a UNC route (the path refers back to the area of the source). The accessibility ask for is forwarded to your Multiple UNC Supplier, which then redirects the request In line with which computer to the network is which makes it.

The Several UNC Supplier, therefore, is part of the technique that enables networked pcs to talk to other pcs devoid of hiccups.

WHAT Will make MUP.SYS Induce THE Faults?

Errors in mup.sys are attributable to corruption within the technique file, or even a bug during the Windows working procedure that pertains to the mup.sys file. These problems may well prevent mup.sys from with the ability to load. The issue using this is usually that Windows tries to load mup.sys everytime you place on your Pc, whether your Computer system is part of the network or not.

Thus, In case the file is corrupted to your extent that it can not be fully loaded, your Laptop or computer will either crash or begin rebooting every time it tries to load the mup.sys file. Typically, this transpires regardless if safe method is the option being used.


Except for file corruption mistakes as described earlier mentioned, mup.sys may possibly sometimes cause other types of faults, based upon your operating procedure and configuration.

An outdated or corrupted mup.sys file might be causing a range of non-certain network faults, most commonly in Windows 2000 and Home windows NT. Thus, the mistakes may perhaps consist of those in Distributed File Technique connections amongst area controllers and customer computer systems, together with more general community faults in networks operating any XP, 2000, NT or Vista Edition of Home windows.

Usually, the basis reason for these types of faults, like almost all of the subsequent, lies in making use of an operating method Model that's working on yesterday’s technology.

Quit 0x50 Mistake (Home windows NT 4.0)

This mistake occurs If the sound scheme is about to “No Seems”. The program best website builder finds it difficult to abide by this — it searches for any file termed “near.wav” about the community at Pc shutdown, Though audio has long been established to off and that file has not been utilized. When this takes place, a bug inside the mup.sys file might lead to the error. This may materialize Any time the computer is turned off.

Prevent: 0x0000000a Mistake (Windows NT four.0 Terminal Server Edition Support Pack 6a)

The error is irrespective of method configuration or what apps are now working. On the other hand, only personal computers running the above mentioned Model of Home windows NT may well fall prey to this mistake form.

Celebration ID 2012 (Home windows NT four.0, with Assistance Pack three)

An out-of-date mup.sys file could in some cases result in an Event ID 2012 Network Error in computers jogging this version of Home windows NT. We see such errors when operating an software that makes use of Btrieve engine Edition six.fifteen (Btrieve is a database that employs a means of storing information that provides rapid retrieval instances).

Non-responsive Network (Windows 2000, SP1 or two)

An error in mup.sys could often bring about desktops across a network to be non-responsive whenever a networked Personal computer disconnects from your Distributed File Program.

Procedure Mistake fifty three (Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0)

This error can take place when using a Variation of both running procedure That could be somewhat aged. Conflicts among mup.sys as well as Dispersed File Process could end in these an error.

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