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Introduction To ClickMagick

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Posted on: 03/24/19

ClickMagick is an online application that will assist you with tracking and upgrade your showcasing endeavors.

At a fundamental dimension, it enables you to make following connections and ClickMagick will demonstrate to you who tapped on your connections and (if setup accurately), which clicks prompted deals.

What's more, since it's cloud based, you can login to your ClickMagick Dashboard and screen ALL the connections you have gone into the framework.

Be that as it may, ClickMagick is likewise pressed with various other propelled highlights which I will detail in the remainder of this survey.

Section 1: What are a portion of my most loved highlights of ClickMagick?

Cool Feature #1: Dynamically add sub-ids to any following connection

Lets state I needed to add my ClickFunnels associate connect to my ClickFunnels survey post, on my prescribed Marketing Tools page, and on one of my ClickFunnels lead magnets.

With sub-ids, I could make a one of a kind identifier for each source (ie. cfreview, marketingtools, cfleadmagnet), and use them as a subid to recognize which connect click originated from where.

What's more, since the ClickFunnels partner program underpins subids in it's reports, I can see legitimately which connect prompted a commission.

With most connection following arrangements, you'd need to make various following connections for each member interface + subid. That is a colossal torment in http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Get ClickMagick the butt.

However, with ClickMagick, you can make a solitary following connection, and progressively add at least 1 subids by including them after oblique punctuation lines this way.


On the off chance that the associate program you're connecting to likewise underpins subids, at that point you can go it through like this.


Your subid1 will supplant [s1] and subid2 will supplant [s2] in the connection above.

Indeed, if the member program you're connecting to doesn't permit subids, this is still extremely helpful as should be obvious the subids in your ClickMagick details.

Cool Feature #2: You can follow pages that aren't yours

Commonly, when somebody selects in or purchases something on your page, they'll be taken to your "thank you" page.

It's this page contains your change pixel, and once it fires, ClickMagick will realize clickmagick alternative a fruitful transformation occurred.

Truly standard stuff, however what occurs on the off chance that you needed to send somebody to an outside page?

All things considered, ClickMagick has a guileful workaround.

When somebody joins or makes a buy, they'll in all respects quickly be taken to a clear page containing your transformation pixel.

At that point, in a matter of moments and without the client notwithstanding acknowledging, they'll be diverted to the outer page. As though like enchantment.

It's a straightforward yet powerful arrangement. 🙂

Cool Feature #3: It gauges the QUALITY of your traffic

Traffic quality is genuine.

In case you're sending low-level traffic to your offers, you're going to know it about at some point or another.

ClickMagick gives you a quick understanding into what sort of individuals are getting through your connections, and that they are so liable to purchase.

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